April is finally over, and I’m not sad to see it go. Currently, there are two more weeks of school left. I have 5 finals to give, and I’m rising up from under this pile of papers to grade like a zombie in a really cheesy horror movie. If all goes according to plan, I will start training for a summer reading teacher position during finals week, and then spend my summer preaching the gospel of reading like some kind of book evangelist. (You can see why I’m excited about this.)


Rather than let this month quickly fade into what promises to be a busy May, I’m recounting what I learned in April and linking up with Emily Freeman.

Students will do anything for extra credit…except the regular credit.

I offered two opportunities for extra credit this semester. One was incredibly easy, and only required that students bring a draft of their formal report to me a couple days before it was due. Out of 96 students, I had roughly 10 accomplish this task. However, I offered another extra credit assignment where students had to work in groups to write the script for a TV commercial, and then film it. I assumed that editing video and getting a group of 6 students together outside of class during a busy time in the semester would be an insurmountable task.

Some of my students have found a brilliant work around though. They’ve just skipped class to do the project. They did this right before their big projects are due when I have been giving them guidance on these assignments and allowing them time to work in class. These big projects amount to roughly 40% of their grade. The extra credit? Only worth 1 percentage point.

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Good choice.

I probably have some sort of blood sugar problem.

April has been my intentional month where I haven’t been eating junk. (Or, you know, trying not to. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say.) Maybe my body was detoxing from all the junk that had built up in my bloodstream, or maybe I just wasn’t getting enough sugar in some form or another, but I’ve noticed that I have had some pretty insane mood swings lately. I’ve also felt really tired and unmotivated. So, for the first 3 weeks of April, I was pretty miserable.

All of this information probably means I need to go to a doctor, but that will have to wait until I’m fully done with all the extra paper grading. But it will be interesting to see if I have an actual problem, or if my body has just been so full of garbage all along that I can’t handle going off it.

Intending not to spend money makes me fantasize about shopping.

Generally speaking, I’m not a big spender. Sure, I spend a large amount of money on quality bags, notebooks, or shoes. But that is so I have something that will last a long time. I would rather have one good thing than a ton of cheap, crappy things. (That does not apply to food though. I’d rather have 40 bags of Doritos and a Dr. Pepper than a balanced meal.)

Since I set the intention not to spend for the month, I’ve done pretty well. I didn’t buy anything unnecessary, really. But just the idea of not being able to go shopping if I wanted to has really been messing with my head. And it means that I have a huge shopping list with “May 1” written at the top, like I’m going to go buy EVERYTHING the day April ends.

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I won’t buy everything. But I will be stocking up on some journaling/planning supplies. More on that later.

Rimmel makes the best affordable makeup.

I have a lot of friends who only buy premium brand cosmetics at department stores. And that’s totally cool. But the majority of stuff I put on my face on a daily basis is from Rimmel, with some Wet-n-Wild, Covergirl, and Physician’s Formula thrown in for good measure. And sure, I have two really awesome Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes my mom bought me for Christmas which I love, but for everything else, I’m pretty much keeping the CVS on 12th and Lindsey in business.

And what I’ve learned in April is that Rimmel probably makes the best eyeliner you can grab at the drugstore. Seriously. I have one in black, grey, gold, and plum.

Sometimes blog posts disappear.

You guys remember the post about introvert inspiration I posted on Thursday? Well, I woke up on Friday and it was gone — all 1,300 words of it. I think it may have something to do with a hosting server migration, but I’m still waiting to hear back from the server company. Know that there was much gnashing of teeth and screaming ridiculous things about the blog illuminati when I found out.

UPDATE: This has since been fixed. According to Chris:

What I Learned in April

So what about you? What did you learn in April?

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  1. There’s something about putting off the real work so you can work on crap work that won’t really get you anywhere. Be it in school or in my house. I get it 😉

    1. If I could make a drug that gave people the same feeling as procrastinating, I would be a millionaire.

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