It’s officially July so today I’m talking about what I learned in June.

what I learned in June

Down time is worth more than the time you use when you’re productive.

And thankfully, I’ve had a little bit recently. For a while there, it was all go, go go. And You can’t keep pushing yourself when the tank is empty. And even though I’ve been working quite a bit this summer at my job and on the blog, I’ve had time for mani-pedis with good people, gotten drinks with new friends, read a couple of books, and even started watching Star Trek on Netflix.

I think I have a tendency to forget how important productive downtime is. It’s easy to just lay down on the couch and zone out with the TV on. But it’s really hard to make yourself have productive down time. And to me, productive down time is time spent working at something, not necessarily toward an end goal, but just with the hopes of getting better. It gives your brain a task, and doesn’t just let it sit in limbo like channel surfing does. Reading and journaling are two great activities for productive down time, but so is spending time one on one with someone. Having a beer or a cup of coffee while talking with another person is probably the most productive down time there is, at least in my opinion.

Even so, I’m still definitely burnt out, but I can feel these little things breathing life back into me. Yesterday I had a great lunch with a coworker where we got to talk about everything that’s been going on this summer. Then Chris and I took our cameras around Campus Corner to practice.

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I love when I have time that can be spent one on one with someone.

Starting slow is always the best way to start.

I’ve been easing back into a healthy eating routine in anticipation for something you’ll see on the blog next week. (Vague, much?) But I gave myself two weeks where I would focus on eating a little better than I had been, which meant not eating burgers or chips and queso every night. But I also wouldn’t beat myself up if I happened to have something unhealthy, like the cheesecake I had at the aforementioned lunch with a coworker. This slow transition will make it easier for me, and I can’t wait to share with you this weird thing I have planned.

I need to watch the company I keep.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people I spend my time with lately. It’s weird when you take stock of all the relationships you have in a very extended network of people, and think about how many of those people or relationships may actually be toxic to you. And it’s not like those people are bad necessarily. It’s just something that doesn’t mix. It’s like one of you is toothpaste and the other is orange juice. Both of you are great on your own but when you mix them together it’s terrible.

This isn’t to say that I’ll be cutting people off, but I will be more mindful of who I reach out to for different things. Like if I’m feeling particularly toothpastey that day, I probably don’t need to text my insanely orange juicey friend.

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“Marisa, you have multiple degrees in creative writing and you’re going to use toothpastey and orange juicey to describe this?”

Yeah. Get up off this.

Anywho, what did you learn in June?

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