There is a lot of fear and stress around tarot cards, as well as excitement. People always want to know the worst cards, and what is the best tarot card to draw. The answers aren’t as straightforward as they would seem.

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Tarot cards don’t have hard and fast rules. I’ve mentioned this before, but every card is going to have a different meaning to everyone. That’s how tarot works.

And what you consider good is going to shape how you feel about each tarot card.

I’m not saying this to discount the traditional meanings of the cards. But I am saying this because what one person looks for in a tarot reading, another person would try to avoid.

So, consider this my tarot card warning: There is no card that’s good 100% of the time, and no card that’s bad 100% of the time. The Tower can signal upheaval, which seem bad. But if you just applied for your dream job out of state and got it, that’s an upheaval too.

The best tarot card meanings depend on the situation. As with everything in life, context and nuance are important. And if you’re new to tarot reading, check out this post on finding a good beginner tarot deck. Finding the best tarot cards for beginners is super helpful when it comes to learning tarot card meanings.

And if you want to record what you’ve learned, The Tarot Card Meanings Journal is a great resource for that.

What Is the Best Tarot Card to Draw?

All the tarot cards can be great or terrible at different times. Depending on what you want will shape what sorts of cards you want to draw. Here’s a list of some scenarios with cards that may be good in those circumstances.

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001: Tarot Cards for Change

It’s weird to think it, but both Death and The Tower can have a good omen tarot card meaning. I mentioned The Tower earlier and how it can be associated with upheaval. It can mean chaos, sure. But it can also mean awakening or a sudden change.

If you want a slow incremental change, then The Tower sucks. But if you want it quick, it’s great.

Similarly, Death signals the end of one cycle and the start of another. The word “death” isn’t pleasant to read, but if you think of it in terms of the natural cycle of things, it’s just the end of one season and the beginning of a new one.

The Wheel of Fortune can mean change, but perhaps in a more frustrating way. That’s a card that reminds us that everything changes, and change is probably the only constant in life. I like to think of that card as a little symbol of how this too shall pass.

The Ten of Wands can also signal the end of a cycle. It shows a man with a bundle of wands as if he’s taking them to put them away. It’s a card about one cycle of work coming to an end and another beginning.

002: Tarot Cards for Patience

Temperance is often associated with both balance and patience. The card depicts and an angel-type figure pouring water from one cup to another, with one foot on land and the other on water. To me, the card is about how everything happens in its own time, and often, that timing is divine.

The Hermit is a card about going off on your own and being by yourself. While it’s not specific to patience, it’s a card about devoting yourself to a higher truth while you work alone, just like the old religious hermits did back in the day. And that sort of life takes patience.

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The Hanged Man is a card about stepping back and taking a look at what is ahead of you, but from a different angle. A friend of mine always says “everything is revealed in contrast” and this is a card that tells you to pause and find the contrast for a better understanding.

To me, The Moon can also be a card that reminds you to have patience. It’s a card about finding your own path, no matter how weird it may seem, and trust that things will happen if you follow the path that is meant for you.

003: Tarot Cards for Abundance

While there are no specifically lucky tarot cards, there are some cards that can signal abundance. The Empress is one, though her abundance is often associated with fertility and not necessarily prosperity. Of course, that card doesn’t always mean that, so it’s not like pulling that card will get you pregnant.

The Nine of Pentacles is also a card of abundance. There’s a woman on it enjoying all the fruits of her labor, and I think it’s a great reminder to celebrate the abundance you’ve created, no matter what it looks like.

004: Tarot Cards for Hope

The Star is a card about healing. It’s card about renewed faith and taking in the blessings that surround you.

The Sun card features a baby on horseback with a flag. There are sunflowers in the background. It’s a very “everything’s coming up Millhouse” sort of card, without the sadness of the real Millhouse. It can signify victory or success, but it really speaks to contentment overall.

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The Ten of Pentacles and the Ten of Cups are often looked at as happily ever after cards. They speak to different areas of life (Pentacles are ruled by earth and Cups are ruled by water), but both feature happy families together enjoying the fruits their suit has to offer.

And here’s my hot take: I consider the Three of Swords to be a card of hope. Sure, it’s a heart with three swords in it, but it’s a reminder that we can have boundaries to keep us safe, and we have learned from past heartbreaks, so moving forward, we don’t make the same mistakes again.

005: Tarot Cards for Joy

The Three of Cups is a card that features three women with their glasses raised. I consider it a card about coming together to celebrate. To me, it’s an absolute party card.

The Ace of Cups literally depicts a cup running over. It’s a card of emotional fulfillment and the start of something good.

The World ends the major arcana, and it’s a card that features an angelic figure in the sky. It’s a card about victory and the end of a cycle. It’s about ascending to a higher level and celebrating the past journey.

What Tarot Cards Do You Like to Pull?

What tarot cards do you think are the best? Do you have an opinion on the most powerful tarot cards? Which cards have the most meaning to you? What are the best tarot cards for protection, in your opinion?

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