Wanna know what’s better than a romance novel? A WITCHY ROMANCE NOVEL. Let’s talk witchy Nora Roberts trilogies, fam.

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It’s no secret that I’m a Nora Roberts fan. My mom has been reading her stuff for years, and I basically borrowed all her Nora Roberts books until I got my own. And while there are a lot of contemporary romance trilogies by Nora Roberts, her more magical stories are my favorites.

You don’t have to read these Nora Roberts trilogies in order, but I have them listed in reverse order of publication. As with all writers, you can see how her writing has changed over time. And the more recent books tend to be less genre-focused and more the story she wants to tell.

But don’t you worry. There are tons of romance books on this here list.

Oh, and if you want a witchy, magical read but don’t have time for a trilogy right now, check out these fairytale retellings.

Witchy Nora Roberts Trilogies

Nothing looks better on your bookshelf than Nora Roberts trilogy book sets. I mean, if I could afford fancy leather bound everything, that would be cool too, but your girl ain’t made of money. So I thought I’d share some of the best Nora Roberts series you can snag to not only read, but also adorn your shelves.

Chronicles of the One Trilogy

In this post apocalyptic trilogy, the world as we know it has basically crumbled and the survivors are left to go on a supernatural journey. This series is definitely more fantasy than other Nora Roberts books, and a lot of people don’t really care for it because of that.

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I will say that this is a lot darker in tone and content than the rest of the books on this list, but if you’re not usually a romance reader and want a gateway into Nora Roberts books, this is a great trilogy to start with.

The Guardians Trilogy

One thing a good Nora Roberts trilogy does is bring together characters. In fact, one of my favorite things about any book by Nora Roberts is the community built in the story world. This series is no exception, and one thing I like about this series is that the characters are all brought together because they all represent something. And as is the case with many of her other books, the setting in this trilogy is like one of the characters. If you like magic, island hopping, and ancient prophecies, get ready to enjoy this trilogy.

The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy

This trilogy was so fun to read. The series starts with the American cousin going to Ireland to meet her cousins, which is a great way to be introduced to the small community and the magic of that world. Brenna, one of the Irish cousins, is my favorite character and I love the little shop she runs that sells soap and candles and all manner of good things.

There are some pretty good battles in this book, and I love how each book starts with a flashback to a long, long time ago to give some context for the magic and legend of the story.

Also, you should know that this series has a ton of foods referenced, and my absolute favorite is a bleu cheese tomato soup which I will be making as soon as it gets cold enough to do so.

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The Sign of Seven Trilogy

The Sign of Seven Trilogy centers around three lifelong friends who became blood brothers 21 years ago in Hawkins Hollow. Every seven years on the seventh day of the seventh month, things go awry. And those three blood brothers and the women they love all must come together to stop it.

If you like stories that feature people with magical abilities and weird creepy things they must overcome, you’ll enjoy this series. And naturally it has the signature Nora Roberts writing style, so you’ll likely not be able to put it down.

Circle Trilogy

Who doesn’t love a good, sprawling romantic fantasy? This trilogy spans wide swaths of time and there are vampires, witches, demons, shape shifters, and all that good stuff. I heartily recommend this series for people who prefer high fantasy, but are interested in dipping their toes in the romance waters.

Key Trilogy

The set up for this series is my literal dream. An invitation to a fancy mansion where I am then sent on a magical quest and fall in love too? HELL YEAH SIGN ME UP. (I mean, I’m married, so I don’t need to fall in love. Can Chris get an invitation to the fancy mansion too? He’s pretty good at magical quests.)

One thing I do love about the women in this series is that they’re real. They have jobs that aren’t perfect and lives outside of the plot of the story. In fact, I think that’s a hallmark of a Nora Roberts book. There are never any characters just waiting for their lives to start.

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Three Sisters Trilogy

I am a landlocked girl, but I could handle living on an island off the coast of New England if it’s anything like this trilogy. Also, there’s a bookstore in this series that will make you weep because it’s so perfect and everything you want in a bookstore.

This series has some delightful second chance romance as well as witches coming into their power. Also, there’s some genuinely creepy stuff with an evil spirit and a terrible ex husband.

The Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy

While this series doesn’t follow witches per se, there is a fair amount of magic and fairies, so we are counting it. Also, it takes place in Ireland, which is witchy enough for me.

If you like pubs, close-knit friends and family who give each other shit relentlessly, and old legends and myths about magical love affairs and the like, read this series.

What’s Your Favorite Nora Roberts Trilogy?

Are you also a fan of the witchier, more magical books by Nora Roberts, or do you prefer the more contemporary stories? Would you also pay a fair amount of money to go to Ireland with Nora Roberts? How do we make that happen?

11 Responses

  1. I too enjoy the magical Nora Robert’s books! And most of her other books. I’m reading the Born In trilogy this weekend. It’s one of my oldest favorites of hers.

    1. I grabbed that trilogy at the most recent Friends of the Library book sale and haven’t read it yet. But it’s on my list!

  2. I love Morrigons Cross. And all her witchy special abilities trilogies like 3 Sisters and the 7 trilogy

  3. I love, love, love INHERITANCE. I have read many of Nora’s books and trilogy’s and this is the best one yet. I can’t believe she leaves us hanging, totally! Anxiously awaiting the next one. Had to look up when it would be out. Read the book in 24 hours.

    1. That is amazing! I love how Nora Roberts can suck you in and keep you reading until you’re finished with the story.

  4. I am an avid Nora Roberts fan, which has got be a bit of running from my friends, seeing as that I am a man. My favorite of her more magic focused trilogies has got to be the Sign of 7 series, because the guys and their ladies remind me of myself and a few friends. Gage, the resident bad boy of the group, with a heart of gold, is definitely a match for me personality wise. And I can’t fault his taste in cars either.

    But I love all the other series listed here as well. I only got ish that one of her non magical series, long since revisited might get a sequel with the current generation of characters born from the last. That series would be the MacGregor’s. One of my all time favorite non action or suspense book series of all time.

    1. I love the MacGregor’s! I love finding older copies from that series at used bookstores because the covers were so, so perfect.

  5. There’s a book called “the three fates”, it’s kind of a trilogy into one book, that I really enjoyed. Also, the “in the garden” trilogy, not witchy but paranormal, there’s a ghost and a legend and all the good stuff Nora Roberts writes.

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