Pentacles, wands, swords, and cups — oh my!

As a writer, I appreciate symbolism and archetypes. That’s why I love the tarot.

If you’re looking for clarity or maybe just a little insight into your subconscious, you can book a tarot session with me. 

In this session, I’ll pull 3 tarot cards. You can either ask a specific question, or it can be a general past, present, future spread. 

A woman's lap holding a notebook with tarot cards spread out beneath her knee.

I think it’s important to note that I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know, and I’m definitely telling your future. Regardless of the cards I pull, you still have free will. But I believe the tarot illuminates the things we subconsciously know, and points to some potential courses of action a person could take.

And, since you’ve read this far, know that I don’t believe in wholesale definitions of the cards. The context and type of spread always determine the meaning of a particular card, and the cards around it give it flavor too. You will never get a reading from me that’s a black-and-white interpretation of the symbols and archetypes.

All readings will be done with the Smith Rider Waite deck.

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Also, if you’re seeing this, it means that I’m currently offering tarot readings. That’s not always the case. Periodically, I will remove this page from my site to give me some space and as a way to recharge. I love reading cards, but I’m an introvert, and well, sometimes I don’t want to talk to people about big life topics that the cards represent.

Know that I mean that in the friendliest way.


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