Pentacles, wands, swords, and cups -- oh my!

A woman's lap holding a notebook with tarot cards spread out beneath her knee.

As a writer, I appreciate symbolism and archetypes. That’s why I love the tarot.

If you’re looking for clarity or maybe just a little insight into your subconscious, you can book a tarot session with me. 

All readings are done with the Smith Rider Waite deck, unless arrangements are made beforehand.

3-Card Spread

Soul Reading

Creative Unblocking Spread

You can either ask a specific question, or it can be a general past, present, future spread. We’ll meet over Zoom for about 30 minutes, and I’ll pull your cards.

Want to dig a little deeper? In this session, I’ll determine your soul card and your card for the year, plus you’ll get a whole soul spread to see what you’re being called to do.

Stuck on a project? Not sure what’s holding you back in your creative business? Need help finding clarity in your art?

Would you like to have a tarot reader to read cards at your business or event?

I love giving tarot readings in person. Not only is it fun for me and those receiving the readings, but it’s a great way to entertain your guests or customers.

Oh, and it brings in a ton of foot traffic for you to capitalize on.

If you’d like to schedule me to read cards at your opening or party, use the form down below!

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