Want to become a better writer? Then these writing Skillshare classes are for you!

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Whether you’re looking to build a writing habit, or write your novel this year, it’s time to invest in your writing.

(I’m talking to you — the person who always puts it off and says you’ll do it later. Knock that off.)

While you may not need a class to get your story out, there’s a good chance that there’s some element of the writing process or the business side of writing that you need some help with. That’s why I love these writing Skillshare classes — you can pick and choose what you need, and you don’t have to spend a whole semester sitting in a dreary classroom.

Don’t get me wrong! A formal education in writing is great, and I have never regretted getting mine. But I’m definitely not a fan of the traditional class structure when you only want to delve into one little thing. Skillshare has been a lifesaver lately. Not only has it stopped me from hoarding tons of other online courses since the platform has so many to choose from, but it keeps my interest consistently.

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Since subscribing back in November, I’ve taken classes on YouTube, blogging, storytelling, author platform building, Instagram, and pretty much anything else you can think of. So, today, I thought I’d round up a list of some great writing Skillshare classes to get you in the mood to conquer your novel. Check them out!

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Storytelling and Writing

Creative Writing Masterclass: Kickstart your Novel with Nicola Valentine

If you’re looking to start your novel this year, then this course is for you. From inspiration to using real life events in your writing, this class covers how to get started and get your idea whipped into shape.

Storytelling Fundamentals: Character, Conflict, Context, Craft with Daniel José Older

This class breaks novel writing down into the 4 C’s (character, conflict, context, and craft) and uses those as basis for writing. I think this is a good course for writers who maybe enjoy writing, but feel like they don’t have the education or background they need to write a novel.

Fictional Universe Storytelling: Outline Your Epic Adventure with Michael Delgado

As a staunch plotter (how do pantsers even get anything done?!) I’m always down for talking about outlining. This class teaches you 5 key questions to answer in order to create a novel outline that will shape your book.


Writing and Editing: Polishing a Manuscript with Ali Novak

So, if you’ve been around here for very long, you can definitely tell I’m not an editor. I have the heart and brain of a writer. And there’s nothing I love more than getting words out on the page. But that’s why this class is so great. This course talks about revising and editing, as well as how to examine your plot holes, pacing, and characters. It’s everything you need to up your editing game.

Edit Your Novel Like a Professional with Perrin Briar

This is actually the fourth part of a larger course, but this part focuses solely on editing your manuscript. This class focuses on strengthening your prose and making your characters more engaging.

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Author Platform

Digital Marketing for Writers: Grow Your Audience and Author Platform with Jenna Moreci

I love Jenna Moreci. Her YouTube channel is great and full of good information, and so is this class. She breaks down everything you need to do in order to build your author platform. And her advice is good stuff — homegirl recently unboxed her YouTube silver play button.

Transform Your WordPress Website into an Author Platform to Engage Your Readers and Sell More Books with David Ault

If you’re looking for a course that lays out step-by-step how to create your online brand, this is your class. From buying the domain to creating engaging content that brings your audience to you, this class outlines how to keep your author platform relevant.

Outside the Box Marketing for Authors with Dr. Rob Alex Alex

Does anyone actually know how to sell a book? I sure don’t. And it would seem that the more traditional ways of doing it would not only be hard, but almost impossible to be seen. That’s why I’m super stoked about this class. Anything that can help you stand out is important!

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Get These Writing Skillshare Classes

If these classes sound interesting to you, then boy, lemme tell you what. I have a deal for you! If you use this Skillshare link right here to sign up, you’ll receive two months of Skillshare Premium for free. That’s two whole months of writing Skillshare classes, as well as classes on other things like watercolor painting, accounting, crafting, game design, photography, drawing, and cooking.

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What's your favorite writing Skillshare class? Share on X

And if you have a favorite Skillshare class, let me know what it is in the comments!

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