The 90-Day Novel Planner: The Novel Writing Workbook to Help You Finish Your Novel in 90 Days

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The 90-Day Novel Planner

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Novel writing is tough. So I created this planner to help me see the forest for the trees. This planner is designed to keep all your novel writing bits and pieces in one place. Sure, digital tools like Scrivener, Pinterest, and Google Drive can keep things for you. But I’m an analog girl, so this planner makes it a lot easier for me to keep notes together, and in a way that actually helps me write. There are times when you have an idea, but you don’t know where to start.

This journal is designed so that you can start where you are.

Only know who your protagonist is? Start with the protagonist sketch page. Only have your opening image of the novel decided? Write it on the Act I page under the hook. Halfway through the novel but you’ve decided to change a character’s name? Mark it in the writing journal where you can track notes about your writing sessions. Write your novel in the way that makes the most sense to you. And use this planner to keep yourself on track. The 90 Day Novel Planner includes:
  • Character sketch sheets
  • Setting description pages
  • Marketing and demographic planning
  • 3-act structure outline
  • Chapter outlines
  • 3 monthly calendars to track your writing process
  • Habit and sprint trackers
  • Writing journal pages to record your writing sessions

Order The 90-Day Novel Planner!