If you’re the type who enjoys spending some quality time with yourself, or if you simply want to have some space away from others, you’ve probably searched for self-date ideas before. While you definitely don’t need to take yourself out to get some quality alone time, it can be nice to get out and have some fun once in a while.

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A self-date or solo date is simple. You’re taking yourself out. It’s like being asked out on a date, only it’s just you. It’s a nice way to treat yourself. You can do whatever you’d like to do.

So, with that in mind, here are 100 self-date ideas broken up into various categories based on your budget or ability to leave the house.

100 Self-Date Ideas

A self-date can cost as much or as little as you’d like it to. You can leave the house or you can stay home. It can look like dates you’ve gone on in the past with another person, like these couples art activities, or it can look like something you do for yourself.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Self-Date Ideas at Home

It’s no secret that I’m a homebody. Sure, I like to leave the house on occasion, but sometimes, the best date night is at home in your PJs. These self-date ideas are perfect for when you don’t want to change out of your yoga pants. And if you’re feeling creative, these artist date ideas may be for you.

  1. Digitally rent a movie you’ve been dying to see.
  2. Order something from your favorite restaurant and eat it on the couch.
  3. Grab a book from your TBR pile and get to reading.
  4. Plan a full-on staycation. Tackle projects you’ve been meaning to get to, or just relax and read.
  5. Cook a special, difficult-to-prepare meal for yourself.
  6. Take a class on Skillshare.
  7. Finish a project you have lying around.
  8. Read a romance novel in the bathtub and embrace stereotypes.
  9. Have a DIY spa night. Use up the beauty products you’ve been meaning to use.
  10. Schedule an art day to play with all your favorite art supplies.
  11. Bake your favorite cookies.
  12. Listen to an audiobook while you clean the house.
  13. Start journaling and see what happens.
  14. Sit on your porch or balcony while sipping your favorite beverage. Be still and let your mind wander.
  15. Read your old journals and get to know your past self.
  16. Do a jigsaw puzzle with a glass of wine.
  17. Clean out or organize a space in your home that you’ve been meaning to tackle. Future you will thank you.
  18. Find a dance tutorial on YouTube and see how well you can shake it.
  19. Put on some 528 hz music and so some slow stretching or yoga.
  20. Think back to your favorite assignment from school and recreate it.
  21. Get out your tarot deck, light some candles, and drop in with your guides.
  22. Cook a meal from your favorite book, show, or movie.
  23. Get out your toys. You know. THOSE toys. Have some you time.
  24. Go through your closet and create new outfits out of what you have.
  25. Take an online tour of a museum via their website.
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Free Solo Date Ideas

Even if you’re low on cash, you can still treat yourself to a date night. Here are some ideas you may like. These artist’s way artist date ideas may also be worth a try.

  1. Go for a walk in a fun district of your city.
  2. Pack a picnic and head to the park.
  3. Hit up your local library find something fun to read.
  4. Rearrange your furniture to give your space a new look.
  5. Go “shopping” for items people leave on the curb as trash. See if you can spruce them up without buying anything.
  6. Take a nature hike.
  7. Go sit at a lake and daydream.
  8. Hop in the car and go for a drive while you listen to your favorite record.
  9. Ride your bike through your favorite place.
  10. Take a photo walk and use your phone camera.
  11. Volunteer for a cause.
  12. Go pick wildflowers.
  13. Listen to an audiobook while you go on a walk.
  14. Find a local art walk and window shop.
  15. Gather all your old magazines and make a collage.
  16. Propagate some of your plants.
  17. Plan a project complete with Pinterest boards and a timeline.
  18. Use Spotify to make playlists like you made mixtapes back in the day.
  19. Go to an old cemetery and make grave rubbings of your favorite headstones.
  20. Stargaze with a nice cup of cocoa.
  21. Organize a local book swap and exchange the books you don’t want for new ones. Take a day to read your new books.
  22. Write out the lyrics to your favorite songs in a notebook. Illustrate around the words.
  23. Write poems on scraps of paper and leave them in public places.
  24. Fine a free Kindle book and download it. If you don’t have a Kindle, use the free app on your phone.
  25. Be a kid again and play on some playground equipment. (Don’t beat yourself up when your adult hips are too big for kid swings or slides.)
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Cheap Solo Date Ideas

If you’ve got a little cash and want to buy yourself something nice, you can always keep your solo date affordable. This list is full of ideas that could work in various cities, but you can also check out these super chill ideas for artist dates too for more possibilities.

  1. Buy yourself a latte and people watch at the coffee shop.
  2. Pick up your favorite candy and soda and enjoy a movie night at home.
  3. Go see a movie matinee.
  4. Go to your local art museum and look around.
  5. Hit up the farmer’s market and buy something you wouldn’t normally get.
  6. Go to a bakery and buy yourself a treat.
  7. Attend a yoga class.
  8. Go shopping at your local thrift store and see what you find.
  9. Pick a small DIY project in your home and tackle it.
  10. Take yourself out for ice cream.
  11. Plant an herb garden.
  12. Go on a ghost tour at a local haunted attraction.
  13. Hit up a small local venue and watch the band that’s on stage that night.
  14. Grab a craft kit at the local hobby store and tackle it.
  15. Buy a special tea or coffee to go with the book you’re reading and brew it at home.
  16. Finally start that blog you’ve been talking about.
  17. Find a neighborhood-wide garage sale and shop till you drop.
  18. Buy sidewalk chalk and decorate your local park’s basketball court.
  19. Head to a hole-in-the-wall used bookstore and pick up the oldest book they have.
  20. Go a metaphysical shop and buy a spell candle to burn when you get back home.
  21. Treat yourself to a new tarot deck and get to know it.
  22. Buy a new notebook and start using it.
  23. Get that set of Tombow brush pens you’ve been coveting for literal years.
  24. Go to a bookstore and ask the staff to set you up on a blind date with a book.
  25. Head to a bar and drink a pint while you read.
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Splurge Self-Date Ideas

If money is no object, why not treat yourself? Here are some splurge self-date ideas for when you really want to enjoy yourself.

  1. Get the fancy mani-pedi spa treatment. Say yes to every upgrade the nail tech offers.
  2. Go to your favorite bar and have all your favorite drinks. Make sure to pay for a ride home.
  3. Take yourself to the bookstore and grab a new book or five.
  4. Schedule a massage.
  5. Buy a concert ticket and have fun by yourself.
  6. Book a night at a fancy hotel.
  7. Dress up and go to the theater.
  8. Take a cooking class and buy yourself some new kitchen items.
  9. Hop on Air BnB and book a retreat weekend.
  10. Sign up for an art class or workshop and buy all the necessary supplies.
  11. Refresh your wardrobe at your favorite store.
  12. Take a road trip.
  13. Go see your favorite professional (or amateur) sports team play and treat yourself at the snack bar.
  14. Brave the ticketing service fees and go to a comedy show.
  15. Head to a fancy grocery store and create your own wine and cheese night.
  16. Buy everything you need to start that project you’ve been putting off. Take an evening and actually schedule when you’re going to work on it.
  17. Get that sewing machine you’ve always wanted to start repurposing old clothing items.
  18. But the Freewrite Traveler. You deserve it. Take it out and write in an inspiring place.
  19. Take yourself candle shopping and pick a scent for the different activities you do throughout the week.
  20. Go shopping for some fancy underwear that makes you feel hot.
  21. Rent an RV and hit the road.
  22. Go to a salon and get a makeover.
  23. Have a professional photoshoot to get some new headshot sand fun social media pics.
  24. Buy new hiking boots and hit the trails.
  25. Renew that passport and backpack across Europe.

What’s Your Go-To Self-Date Idea?

What’s your tried and true way to spend some time with yourself? Do you prefer at home solo dates to leaving the house? Have you ever treated yourself to a splurge solo date?

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