Sure, reading is its own reward, but sometimes, you gotta buy Christmas presents for readers. Here are my gifts for book nerds.

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Gifts for Book Nerds | These gifts for book nerds are great if you have a bookworm on your Christmas list, but don't want to just get them books!

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Admittedly, you can’t go wrong with a gift to your book nerd’s favorite book store. But if you’re looking for something that will surprise the reader on your Christmas shopping list, I think I may have a few things that will interest you.

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Gifts for Book Nerds

Good Scents

Is there anything more relaxing than reading while a nice candle burns? I like OK Collective for all my candle needs. They’re an Oklahoma women-owned small business, and they pour all their candles. Their scents are to die for, and the candle labels aren’t super obtrusive, so they look good anywhere in your home. Of course, if you’re looking for a particularly nerdy scent, you can always go with Frostbeard Studios, because they have a scent for pretty much every book you’ve ever loved. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Simply Earth Essential Oils. If burning a candle isn’t your reader’s thing, then essential oils are a great way to get some good smells. And if you use my code and link, you can get your reader a subscription to the Simply Earth Recipe Box, plus a Big Bonus Box, and a $20 egift card toward future purchases. (Use code “MARISAMOHIFREE”)

Book Apparel

Sure, it’s easy to find a shirt for a sports fan, but what about clothes for book fans? I love Out of Print Books for this. I own this Outsiders t-shirt as well as this banned books scarf, and always get a ton of compliments on them. And, if we’re being honest, you probably can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter hoodie or a Molly Weasley-style initial sweater. But if you aren’t sure of your reader’s favorite book, then you can always go with a generic option. I love this book skirt so, so much.

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Book Lamp

I used to have one of these on my desk in my office until I walked in one day and it was broken. I’m not entirely sure what happened, and I don’t want to go pointing fingers at the janitorial staff. (But they did literally steal my officemate’s coat.) Anyway, if your reader likes soft light that looks like it’s coming from a book, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Audible Subscription

Audio books are the wave of the future, or the past, if you remember a time when you regularly checked out cassette tapes of books from the library. (Hello. I am old.) But the cool thing is that now, we don’t have to deal with tapes getting all wonky or having to re-spool them with the eraser of the pencil. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t gladly take an audible subscription. Seriously. Who wouldn’t want access to great books that you can listen to as you go about your daily chores or drive to work?

Once Upon a Time Game

Whats better than reading a book? GETTING TO MAKE UP THE STORY! Once Upon a Time is a card game that allows the players to tell the story. Each player holds cards that contain story elements, and together you play those cards to create a cohesive story. It’s a lot of fun, and a great way for people who normally have their noses in a book to be a little more social.

Book Light

Remember when you’d stay up late at night with a flashlight, just reading your book under the covers? Well, if you’re still doing that, you need to get a book light. It easily clips on to your book and illuminates the pages. Sure, you could use a lamp, but this is great for those spaces where you either don’t have a lamp, or don’t want to have one on for fear of waking someone else.

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Floating Bookshelves

Someday I shall live in a place where I only have floating bookshelves. I love these so much, and I like how they turn books into wall decor. I, personally, have been cutting back on the amount of books I own, and as I cut it back to fewer and fewer, I can’t help but imagine how great it would look to just use these shelves. These are a great gift for anyone who wants to showcase special volumes, or maybe a pretty hardback set.

Personal Library Kit

A few years ago I received this book embosser for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I love that you can personalize it, and then stamp all your books so people know who they belong to. It’s also super affordable. You can also get a nice ink stamp that does the same thing. And, if your reader is the type who would prefer to play library, then this personal library kit is a great gift idea.

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Any Other Book Nerd Gifts?

What do you buy for the bookworm on your list? What’s your favorite bookish gift you’ve ever received? How do you feel about those sweet floating shelves?

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