I like to make big changes. I don’t talk about them much. Or, rather, if I do, I let people know I’m going to make big changes without asking for their input.

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I’m an introvert. I think it’s kind of obvious to say. I mean, I’m a writer, so surely one follows the other. And sure, I’m totally down to clown on the YouTube, but like, mostly, all things are up in the ol’ cranium.

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I process internally. Big changes, little changes, story ideas, buying new shoes…All happen inside my head.

Sometimes this gives folks whiplash. I’m asked “Well how did you even come to that decision?” quite often. There’s this myth out there that we need to be advised every step of the way. (We don’t.) There’s another one that says you can always trust the experience of others. (You can’t.)

I make big changes. I jump in with both feet. I quit jobs and start projects and cut people out. I join groups and buy event tickets and make plans. I don’t ask. I don’t see who else is doing it. I don’t see what others will think.

Baby steps are great. And they’re totally what other people are going to recommend. But should that always be the way you make your way through life? Nope. Not even.

We all know that slow and steady wins the race. And sure. In some cases it does. I’m not going to tell you to sprint an entire marathon, or to take 8 classes a semester to finish college faster. I’m not going to tell you exercise for 40 hours straight and expect to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

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But you know those things you want to do? Write a book. Join a gym? Live somewhere else? All those little things you keep telling yourself you can’t do until you become a better version of yourself? YOU CAN DO IT NOW.

How do I know?

Well. Okay.

I started blogging twice a week and taking it seriously even though I didn’t have a super amazing design and hella profesh social media presence. And let’s not even talk about page views or how people perceive my blog. (To be real, most people dismiss it as a hobby, or openly mock it to my face.)

I started a YouTube channel even though I wanted to lose 20 pounds before I put my face out there.

I called an apartment complex on a bit of a whim and now I’m moving there in less than a month because the environment will be better for me creatively.

Some of these things aren’t very big. Some are quite small. But they feel really big. It’s like my brain anticipated a huge ordeal for each item. But wouldn’t you know it? I just decided to do the thing, and here we are. It’s like saying “yes, this is the thing I will be doing now” is the real hurdle.

(In case you forgot, you’re supposed to be here.)

I just decided to do the thing, and here we are. It's like saying 'yes, this is the thing I will be doing now' is the real hurdle. Click To Tweet

It’s like we’re really the hurdle.

I guess this post could’ve been titled “get out of your own way” or something similar. And I do like that phrase. But I think we hear it a lot, and maybe it’s not ringing true for you. Maybe you needed someone to encourage you to make big changes. Or maybe you just needed a little nudge over that decision.

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Do you make big changes?

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