If you’re a newsletter subscriber, then you already knew this. But it’s official. The Marisa Mohi Shop is open for business!

The Marisa Mohi Shop is open for business!

That’s right, y’all. I’m taking a moment out of my busy-as-hell NaNoWriMo scribbling to get at you with this news.

I’ve been working hard on getting into the enamel pin game for a minute now, and I’m pretty excited to finally show you my first two offerings. Know that these are just the beginning. Because coming up I have some pretty awesome enamel pins that should be here just in time for Christmas.

If you aren’t into the enamel pin craze, then congratulations. You aren’t a millennial. I bet that’s working out really well for you. Enjoy being paid the amount your worth, and eventually being able to retire. However, if you’re into the enamel pin craze, then hell yeah.

First up, we have the Book Club enamel pin.

Book Club enamel pin

Each pin is approximately 1.5 x 0.75 inches with a black rubber pin back. If you’re like me, Fight Club wasn’t really your scene, but you could absolutely imagine yourself in a nihilist group of readers. (The comments section of this post is not where you will discuss whether or not Fight Club is a nihilist work, or an existential anarchist work. DO YOU HEAR ME?!) This pin might just be the pin for you.

And honestly, you should click on over to the Etsy listing, because I’m insanely proud of the description I’ve written there.

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And next up we have the Bleeding Pen for all you writers out there who put everything on the page.

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Bleeding Pin enamel pin

This pin was inspired by something a creative writing professor once said to me. She was truly convinced that you shouldn’t bleed it out on the page, and that when you get your story to the workshop, it should be clean and sterile.

I’m not sure why she thought this, because every published work of hers I’ve ever read was PURE BLOOD, Y’ALL.

Anyhow, the older I get, the more my writing policy tends to be a scorched earth one. By that I mean I will tear my own heart out, name names, and burn every last damn bridge if it means telling the story the way it felt to me. And thus was this pin born. Each pin is approximately 1.5 x 0.25 inches, and comes with a black rubber pin back.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I have some pins coming soon, so get ready for those. And you should totally subscribe to my newsletter, because those who are subscribed already got a discount code for these bad boys. So, if you want to know about future sales (HINT: THERE IS GOING TO BE A SALE VERY VERY SOON) you need to get your name on this email list.

And if you wanna get one of these here pins, then head on over to The Marisa Mohi Shop and make a purchase!

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