I think we’ve all heard someone casually mention how terrible 2016 has been. While it hasn’t been as bad as some years in recent memory (looking at you, 2010), this year has been trying, to say the least.

The countdown to 2017 is here!

If you scroll through the archives, you can see some whining and rambling posts about how tired and burnt out I was this year. You can see how much I had to process my experiences at the job from hell, even though I left that place in early 2015. What you won’t see is how stressful this year has been in terms of anxiety about life. You won’t see anything about the medical issues that plagued family members this year. You won’t see how much time was spent just trying to chill the hell out.

Have you had a year like that? I bet you probably did.

So, that’s why I’m going to spend all of December getting ready for my favorite holiday. No, not Christmas. In fact, Christmas doesn’t even crack my top five. I’m talking about that shining beacon of hope and personal renaissance — NEW YEAR!

(You had to know that’s my favorite. Like, every post I publish is a rambling screed about fresh starts.)

I think New Year is the only holiday where you get to be treated as an adult. At Thanksgiving, you’re probably still sitting at the kid’s table because just like every other area of your life, the Baby Boomers won’t die off and make room for you. And Christmas is a tough sell when the youngest person in the family is 30, and is probably too hung over to rush out of bed to open presents. But New Year? New Year is a hella party and then a rebirth.

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I used to jokingly say that New Year was the best holiday because you could get black out drunk at a party and wake up with a fresh start. But perhaps the best thing about New Year is the way it’s a turning point for new habits and big projects.

So, in true Marisa fashion, I’m letting you know that I’m starting a countdown to 2017. That’s right! In just 31 short days, it will be time for you to declare your resolutions or your intentions, or hell, your word for 2017 if you’re one of those folks.

At this point, I’m not sure what I want to focus on in 2017. Sure, I have some ideas, but mostly I’m ready to take this month to get ready for the new year. So, if you’re in a similar position and can’t wait for the new beginning that 2017 will offer up like a steaming pan of cinnamon rolls, then keep checking back here because I have some awesome posts lined up that should help you get ready for 2017.

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