OKWB Mini Con 2016

Last Friday, Stephanie, Mari, and I loaded up and headed to Sequoyah State Park to set up for the first ever OKWB Mini-Con. We stopped in Muskogee for lunch, to buy wine, and to make a Walgreen’s run that was probably only like 73% necessary. Then we continued on through Wagoner, and on to Sequoyah State Park.

The weekend was spent making new friends, learning tons about blogging, and if I’m being honest, finally figuring out what it is exactly that I’d like to do with this space. I left feeling motivated and excited, which is all you can really ask for in a conference. I’ve attended so many writing and social media conferences where I’ve left feeling like I will never get that time or money back. And while I left OKWB Mini-Con feeling exhausted, it was in the best way possible.

And because I had such an amazing time, I’d like to thank our speakers: Jackie Wolven, Stephanie Buckley, Allison Griffith, Mari Farthing, and Stephanie Clinton. Each of you gave me something important to think about, as well as insight into the whole world of blogging and business. Thank you for listening to my silly questions all weekend, and for basically urging me to get my ass in gear. (Also, if any of you are in Norman, hit me up. I’ll buy you cheese fries at The Mont, and continue to bug you with questions.) There’s a great recap of the conference over at the Oklahoma Women Bloggers blog, if you’d like to get a taste of what everyone spoke about.

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And I’d also like to thank our sponsors: Riceland, Moore Liquor, Total Beverage Services, Vacant Wheel Candles, Dining with Debbie, Eastside Design Company, Prairie Bloom Body Care, Oklahoma Agritourism, and The Women Bloggers.

OKWB Mini-Con 2016

If you’re a member of OKWB and didn’t get to attend OKWB Mini-Con, don’t fret. We’ve got so many conference ideas up our sleeves. And we didn’t put all that effort and energy into one conference so we could never do it again. Keep an eye out for future get togethers and conferences, because we’d love for all our conferences to keep getting bigger. And if you’re an Oklahoma woman with a blog, but you aren’t a member of Oklahoma Women Bloggers, you can totally sign up here.


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  1. This is exciting! I’m really glad that everything came together so well and I have to admit I was super jealous as I watched the event unfold on Instagram. I can’t wait to see what else you all are cooking up for this year and I’d love to help. Also, we need to get together sometime and talk writing!

  2. I’m so glad everything went well for you. I certainly am sorry I couldn’t attend, but plan to give it a whirl the next time. Cheers, to you, Stephanie, and Mari for pulling off a Big First.

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