If you’re interested in blogging and if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all the info you need, check out these blogging skillshare classes. Skillshare has some of the best online blogging classes a blogger could ever want!

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Blogging Skillshare Classes

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If I’m being honest, my favorite part of blogging is the content creation. I feel like so much of my day is ingesting information, it’s really nice to create some of it, and put it out into the world. And if blogging were just writing, wouldn’t that be grand?

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Blogging has evolved over the years, and now, more than ever, there are so many boxes to check and hats to wear. These blogging Skillshare classes cover all aspects of blogging. From writing posts to building your brand on social media, there’s so many things to think about. Luckily, Skillshare has your back.

Content Creation

Creative Writing: Using Your Mistakes to Power Your Personal Essays with Emily Gould

I think my number one advice for any blogger is to take a writing class. (Oh, and to tell stories, y’all.) Sure, blogging is way more than just writing. But at the heart of it, if you have garbage content, you’ll never really get anywhere. And because blogging often involves telling personal stories, this class on using your mistakes to power your personal essays is solid gold.

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Creative Personal Writing: Write the Real You with Ashley Ford

If you haven’t read any of Ashley Ford’s writing, what are you even doing with your life? Like, seriously. Her stuff is both beautiful and raw, and sometimes it’s downright funny. She’s published pieces all over the place, and she really knows what she’s talking about. I especially appreciate her ability to open herself up in her writing, and it’s a skill I’m trying to develop myself.


Create an Editorial Calendar with Purpose with Dana Malstaff

I have many feelings about editorial calendars, and you should know that they are all very warm and fuzzy. For me, this class was a great jumping off point. It gave me a lot of whys behind editorial calendars, but know that since watching this class, I’ve really taken my editorial calendar game to the next level, and I may or may not plan out blog posts, videos, and Instagram three months in advance. Like, as you read this, know that I’m creating my own editorial calendar class for either Skillshare or possibly for a Megaphone Summit session. Stay tuned!

12 Things All Successful Marketers and Bloggers Do with Kiara Smithee

I think one of the worst things I did when I started blogging was I felt I could just be this writer without any marketing behind me. I mean, I’ve always been on social media, but I’ve never really used my social as the platform for my blog. I’ve since changed that, but I regret wasting time. If you’re late to the marketing train too, this class if for you.

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SEO Today: Strategies to Earn Trust, Rank High, and Stand Out with Rand Fishkin

If you didn’t know, Rand Fishkin is fellow with the rakish mustache on Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays. (If you want more SEO knowledge, make sure you’re following Moz’s blog. It’s hella helpful, and also confusing because I think SEO may be a language on par with Latin sometimes. Though, it’s not dead, so like, that’s a bad comparison. IT’S HARD. THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING.) Rand has all manner of SEO information, and I think he serves it up in a very relatable and not all Latiny sort of way. His job is to make sense of what Google’s algorithm is doing, so you can definitely trust him. Also, his wife’s blog is a gem.

From Blog to Business: Content, Community, and Working with Brands with Morgan Kaye

HELLO BRANDS MY NAME IS MARISA AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT YOUR STUFF JUST SO LONG AS IT FITS WITH WHAT I DO. Does that sound like you? If so, you need this class. Morgan Kaye works with Bloglovin’, and her information regarding how to turn making content into a business endeavor was super helpful for me.

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Social Media

Pinterest Marketing 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs with Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick has spoken at the past two Megaphone Summit conferences, and every time I hear her speak, I take away something. She’s really great with visual stuff, and putting into words how you should convey your brand in a visual way. (If you don’t believe me, check out her Instagram and tell me she hasn’t figured something out.)

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Building Your Online Presence: Personal Branding through Social Media with Kate Arends

If you follow blogs, there’s no way you’ve missed out on Wit and Delight. Kate Arends, the mastermind behind that blog, talks about building your brand in this online course. And, while I know it’s cool to hate talking about brands, she’s super helpful when it comes to how you break down the branding process, and what you need to think about.

Branding Your Creative Business: Social Media For Your Business with Faye Brown

If you’re like me, then you need to quit using social media as a way to show the world what a turd you can be. That ain’t really good for business. I think this course with Faye Brown is ideal for figuring out how to use social media for your bloggy business, so you stop tweeting like you’re part of the unwashed masses.

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What Blogging Classes Do You Recommend?

Let me know in the comments what you think bloggers should absolutely know. What Skillshare classes would you recommend? Got some other great resources for bloggers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I did not see a class in how one can use blogging to fulfill one’s wish to pretend one is Mike Royko, but on the other hand I seem to have that pretty well in hand so it might not matter.

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