Last month, Infostack reached out to me to see if I’d like to have a product included in their upcoming Write Publish Profit 4.0 product bundle.

My bullshit detector went off pretty much immediately. I’ve been in the online game for a minute, and well. Not everyone is delivering what they promise. Infostack is a discount deal site that offers various themed bundles of digital resources worth thousands of dollars for a low price (usually $49 bucks) for a short period of time.

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a stack of books with an ecourse mockup for Write Publish Profit 4.0 and the text "you get all this for just $49."

Here’s what went through my mind:

So as someone who likes to write, and write about all things writing, I decided to do some research into their Write Publish Profit 4.0 super stack.

The first thing I noticed was the 60-day money back guarantee, and that did a lot to put my mind at ease. Sure, some digital products can’t have a refund option, but bigger purchases definitely always should.

At first I was overwhelmed. There were a lot of resources. In fact, there were so many resources I wondered if this was part of the “bamboozle” – overloading us with a bunch of crap so we can’t see we’ve been conned.

Things didn’t turn out how I expected for this Infostack review. 

Here’s five reasons why.

001: They actually feature truly legit contributors.

So when I first started digging into the Super Stack as they call it, I reviewed all of the contributors and all their products.

I thought for sure these would be no-name scammers who are just trying to make a buck. As I’ve mentioned recently in my newsletter, there are a lot of folks giving advice, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. And it’s not like there’s a one-size-fits-all sort of publishing plan out there. I was pretty sure we were going to get more of the same advice that we’ve seen time and time again in free resources like lead magnets and blog posts.

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I was proven wrong.

These are just some of the heavyweights Infostack collaborates with to create their writing bundles: 

Here’s some of the collaborators included in this year’s bundle:

002: The products in the bundle aren’t crappy bargain basement products.

Instead, I only found really good products. 

Worse, I found products I already use and have paid full price for like Book Brush! 

It’s hard to feel conned when you realize you can spend $49 to get a ton of products and scoop a whole year’s subscription to your favorite book cover creator/social media book ad template platform for half the price you pay to subscribe to a year of Book Brush!

Here’s a few of the first class products that will be included in the bundle:

Real products. Real prices. Real savings.

Seriously, though. That Book Brush discount is totally worth it.

Grab Write Publish Profit 4.0 Now!

003: I couldn’t prove they weren’t offering tons of value for your dollar even for this Infostack review.

Turns out none of the stacks cost a penny more than $49! And this Write Publish Profit 4.0 stack is $49 too. It’s crazy…but it’s true. 

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It’s a lot of stuff, gang. I’m pretty happy that my Evergreen Author Platform Bundle will be included.

004: There are a lot of premium quality eCourses, masterclasses, and training programs included from leading experts.

Wanna see a list of some of the eCourses, masterclasses, and training programs Infostack have included so far in their June 8th: Write Publish Profit 4.0 deal? This isn’t everything, but it will give you a good idea of the types of stuff that’s included.

Build Your Author Platform

The marketing membership that shows you how to build your author platform like a business to become desirable to publishers and sell more books! ($425 value)

A complete series of courses to build your author platform and launch your book like a marketing pro. ($125 value)

The course that shows exactly how to get email subscribers from your books on autopilot! ($100 value)

The ultimate shortcut to writing a great pitch that lands tons of interviews and gets your book sold. ($347 value)

A simple way to increase your income, influence and email list by hosting your own Virtual Summit! ($297 value)

Launch Your Next Book Like A Spacex Rocket

An A-Z program that takes students from saying, “I want to write a book,” all the way to post-publication marketing (and maybe even a best-sellers list!) in less than five hours a week. ($497 value)

The complete solution to build your author fan base, promote your book, and generate book sales. ($586 value)

Everything you need to successfully launch and market your book, regardless of topic or niche. ($497 value)

Self-Edit Like a Pro and Save a Ton of Money, Too

Get a structured approach to editing your manuscript that teaches you how to self-edit your manuscript in organized layers, going from the big-picture editing of story arc all the way down to small-picture edits like grammar and style. ($249 value)

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Perfect Your Story Craft

Dive into everything you need to know to write a character-driven, action-packed, world-changing novel readers will love. ($393 value)

Craft satisfying plot twists with a self-directed workshop which will teach you how to make your story more suspenseful, unpredictable, and un-put-down-able. ($200 value)

Get the Mindset to Fulfill Your Writing Dreams

Discover how to think like a successful person, and get your mindset on board with your dreams. ($197 value)

Transform the way you think and feel about yourself so you can write your book with confidence. ($553 value)

And this isn’t even the complete lineup.

Buy Write Publish Profit 4.0 for $49!

005: And There’s the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

So if you snag this offer, and then it doesn’t feel right or you don’t like it, or it’s not right, you can reach out to Infostack and ask for your money back. Their support team will take care of the rest.

Infostack offers a lot for $49, and on the face of it, it really does look too good to be true. But it’s legit. And totally worth every penny.

Here’s How You Can Get It

So, if I’ve officially piqued your interest, here’s what you need to do:

Click this link right here to buy it now. Then, once you get to the check out page, just follow the directions and you should access to your digital products right away.

But hurry, gang. This stack is on sale now until June 15 at 11:59 PM ET.

Which product in the stack are you most excited about? I mean, that Book Brush looks pretty dang good, right??

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