Christmas is upon us, and I love getting people gifts they actually need. That’s why I’ve made this list of practical gifts for bloggers — so you can tell your loved ones to get you some gifts that will take your blog to the next level.

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Practical Gifts for Bloggers

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Now, if you’re the type that only wants fun gifts for Christmas, don’t fret. A lot of these gift ideas are fun too, especially if you like to blog. All of these are items that I have used in the past or purchased. And there are even some items that I’m going to be asking for this year.

All in all, these are some pretty great practical gifts for bloggers.

Practical Gifts for Bloggers


I’ve mentioned Skillshare several times. I love it so, so much because it gives you access to tons of different classes on different topics. I recommend it to anyone with a blog because Skillshare has classes on SEO, photo editing, social media, and YouTube. Basically, for a yearly subscription fee, you have access to tons and tons of information that will help you in all aspects of blogging. And, if you’re like me, you’re always tempted by the outrageously priced eCourses that big-name bloggers peddle. And while most of those courses are good, Skillshare has similar courses with great information available to you as well.

A Planner and Accessories

Look. I love planners. I use them, and they keep me sane. But the reason I recommend that bloggers get a planner is because they make great editorial calendars. So, if you’re trying to stay consistent as a blogger, then planning out your posts ahead of time is a great idea. And while you can do this in Google Calendar, I’m always looking to make things a little more analog because it’s just easier to keep your mind straight that way. Something like a simple desk calendar might work for you. Or maybe you want to bullet journal in Leuchtturm. I’ve had a lot of success with the Passion Planner system (as you can see in these videos), but I’m also a big fan of setting up a traveler’s notebook.

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Camera and Tripod

Real talk: You can never have too many original photos for your blog or Instagram. That’s why I recommend that everyone gets a camera and tripod. Now, you don’t have to get too fancy with a camera, although this Canon is really nice. If you’re intimidated by a DSLR, then your best bet is to go for a smart phone upgrade. The newer the model, the better the camera, and honestly, there are smart phones out there that have cameras that are better than your baseline DSLR. This tripod foot is great for putting your phone on a tripod, and this tripod is a good sturdy model that I’ve used before. If you like flatlay pics, then this tripod that attaches to a table is great for that. Also, if you want to take photos of yourself, then invest in a camera remote. This is the one I use with my phone, and I love it.

A WordPress Theme

I love how customizable WordPress is, and how you can find really affordable themes all over the place. I bought one from Hello You Designs a couple of years ago on Cyber Monday. Or maybe it was last year? Either way, I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it, and it has a ton of customization options that are great for changing the look of your blog while still using the same theme. (This is the one that I have, if you’re interested.) Also, it’s totally worth it to purchase the Genesis framework for your blog too, because then you can change out the custom theme and still keep a lot of functionality and SEO stuff.

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Yoga Pants

Look. I don’t make the rules. And I can’t help it if the best creative work comes from wearing dog hair covered yoga pants while you curl up with your laptop on the couch. Also, are you really a blogger if you don’t do one of those insta photos of your legs curled up in the front seat of your car while you hold a Starbucks cup in front of your steering wheel? (Sorry. This is a joke that I’m pretty sure only female millennial bloggers will get.) Anyway, if you’re in need of yoga pants that are perfect for blogging but don’t break the bank, these are some of my favorites.

Desk Organizer

My desk is always a mess, and that’s because it serves many purposes. It’s the space where I write and edit video and grade papers and fill out my planner. If you have a similar issue, then I recommend a good desk organizer that can file away all your stuff. This shelf is great for giving you small places to stash stuff as well as a way to raise up your laptop so it’s at eye-level. And I definitely have one of these carts for all my washi tape and art supplies just next to my desk so I can keep the surface area clear.

A Good Laptop Bag

I drag my laptop with me everywhere. I turn it on first thing in the morning, and shut it down just before bed every single day. It’s my security blanket. I assume other writers and bloggers feel the same way. That’s why a good laptop bag is important. I’ve written a post about this bag that I use pretty much every single day for work. But if you need a more business casual option, this one is great. I love this backpack for the most casual laptop excursions, and I think this one is really pretty.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting isn’t the sexiest gift you could get, but it’s definitely the most practical. Paying for your little plot of land on the internet can get expensive, so it’s nice to have that taken care of. I’ve been using Site Ground for a while, and I’m absolutely in love. It’s intuitive, and relatively easy to set up. Plus, the transfer from my past host to Site Ground went really, really smoothly because of all the things Site Ground has to offer.

Pinfinite Growth and Tailwind

I spent a really long time just using Pinterest as a consumer rather than a content creator, and I really regret all that wasted time. Almost two years ago I paid for the Pinfinite Growth course, and promptly waited a really long time to finish it. (Not on purpose. It was literally on my to do list every single day. But so were a million day job things.) Since learning “the secrets” outlined in that course, I’ve also signed up for Tailwind, and I have seen a crazy surge in Pinterest traffic to this blog and my YouTube channel. It’s crazy how much my engagement and monthly views has increased. So, if you’re looking to take your blog traffic to the next level, then Pinfinite Growth and Tailwind will totally do it.

What’s on Your Blogger Wish List?

What’s one item that you’d love to see under the tree for your blog? What kind of gifts do you think bloggers should ask for? Have you ever received a gift that took your blog to the next level?

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