As a blogger, I appreciate a good blog. And as a writer, I really love all the amazing writing blogs out there. If you are also an internet creeper who would prefer to quietly find information with zero human interaction, this list of writing blogs is for you.

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It seems like these days, all the information you’re looking for is in video form. And that’s fine for when you can watch a video, or have the energy to sit through all the little branded bits and pieces of a YouTube video or TikTok. It’s not that I hate content creators. I am one. I just think we’re targeting the same keywords, and at the end of the day, I just want the information quickly and easily, without having to sit through a whole video. I can read a thousand words faster than it takes to watch a ten-minute video.

So, when it comes to finding creative writing blog examples, there are a ton out there. I tend to gravitate more toward blogs about life as a writer, but I know that everyone needs something different. Regardless, the best writing blogs are the ones that keep it honest and give you the information you need, as well as links to other places to look.

Is this a comprehensive list of English writing blogs? Absolutely not.

Should you check these out and then see what other blogs these folks link to? Heck yes.

I’ve separated these blogs into the categories I associate with them, but there’s overlap in all directions. So know that you can find a wealth of different types of writing information at all of these writing blogs.

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Craft Writing Blogs

When it comes to the craft of writing, there are a lot of creative writing blogs out there. These three blogs are great for writers looking to hone their skills and find accessible resources to improve.


Well-Storied is one of those story writing blogs that has you covered for all elements of your writing career. There are blog articles about the pre-writing stage, drafting, and editing. There are also posts about storytelling, as well as authorship and creative lifestyle content.

Write to Done

Need some inspiration and practical tips? Then Write to Done has your back. With posts on fiction writing and nonfiction writing, Write to Done is a one-stop shop for you and any of your writing questions. There are even some fiction writing exercises available for you to take advantage of.


MFAs are expensive, and if we’re being honest, the higher education system is too busy wallowing in its own shit to know that it’s burning to death. (Trust me. I worked in it for five years.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get that creative writing MFA you always wanted. DIY MFA is one of many fiction writing blogs that helps you create more focus in your writing while cultivating your own community. There are tons of resources on the blog, and you can even sign up for free downloads and an email course to kickstart your MFA.

Lifestyle Writing Blogs

My favorite writing blog websites focus on all aspects of the writing life, not just the writing and career part. These lifestyle writing blogs are great for helping you figure out how to do it all on top of the life you already have.

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Goins Writer

Jeff Goins is well-known for his books on the creative life and that’s what his blog is all about. On his site, you can sign up for Jeff’s inspirational weekly newsletter or check out his podcast. I definitely recommend going through the blog archives if you’re in need of something to light that little creative spark.

Positive Writer

The Positive Writer is just that, a blog for positive writer stuff. Whether it’s craft advice or ways to find inspiration, or talking you off that ledge when you want to quit writing because you think you suck. Whether you’re looking for information about publishing or just need some help harnessing your imagination, Positive Writer has you covered.

Marisa Mohi’s Blog

Yes, that’s this site. What can I say? I think I talk a lot about writing and the creative lifestyle. You can check out posts on book roundups and ways to approach your writing life. What, you need more? Well there’s tons of intuition and tarot posts too and even posts about planning and getting your life together.

Career Writing Blogs

Okay, now let’s talk writing blogs for money. I love blogs that share the ups and downs of the career of a writer and behind the scenes information.

The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn’s blog is all about helping you write your book, publish it, and make a living as a writer. If there is a trend in the industry or something you should be aware of, there’s a good chance you’ll find out about it on Joanna’s blog. Her podcast and YouTube channel are great too.

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The Write Life

Whether you want more information about writing a book or blogging or building your freelance life, The Write Life is a great blog for you. This site basically has it all. And if you like free downloads and webinars, you have to check out what they have.

What Kinds of Writing Blogs Do You Like?

For me, the best writing blogs out there are the blogs that keep it real. Sure, I need some high-apple-pie-in-the-sky inspiration and daydream fuel every once in a while, but mostly, I need to keep my head on my shoulders and my feet on the ground.

Everyone is different, so you may look for something else in your writing blogs. Do you gravitate more toward blogs about the craft of writing, or are you looking for some writing career help? Do you get tired of all those posts about how much money can be made in a specific part of the writing industry with no proof that anyone has done it?

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