I’ve talked to so many people lately who are interested in starting a YouTube channel, and these gifts for YouTubers will get them off on the right foot.

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Gifts for YouTubers | These gifts for YouTubers are perfect for multiple price points and different skill levels!

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Now, here’s the thing. YouTube has the potential of being an expensive hobby. If you want to get a fancy camera, well, power to you. But I think one of the most important things to remember about YouTube is that you can run a channel at pretty much any price point.

Sure, there will be those gear nerds that tell you to buy a specific camera or to drop a lot of money on a very specific editing software. And you can totally do that. But at the end of the day, no one is going to win an Academy Award for their vacation vlog or a how-to tutorial. So, use what you feel comfortable using.

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With that in mind, I have several gifts at different price points for any level of YouTuber. So, whether you’re shopping for the seasoned pro or the person who is looking to start their channel in the new year, these gifts for YouTubers have something for everyone.

Gifts for YouTubers


So, okay. I know I talk about Skillshare all the time, but it’s super helpful. There’s so many courses on so many different things, and it’s great that you have access to all of them. Seriously. That’s my main selling point when it comes to Skillshare. I’ve benefited from a lot of their Instagram classes, and without a lot of the YouTube classes, I don’t think I would’ve been able to grow my channel the way I did this year. And best believe I’m still using it. As a student of life, or just someone who learns shit in their own time, I love that Skillshare is always there for me.

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This is probably the most obvious thing that you’ll need for a YouTube channel, but it’s worth noting that there are tons of different price points, so don’t feel like the camera is something that will hold you back. It’s a well-known secret that I use my iPhone 7 Plus to film all my YouTube videos. But I’ve been looking into getting a point and shoot camera like this one, or maybe even getting one of these fancy pants vlogging camera kits with all the bells and whistles. And maybe someday I’ll be the type to roll with one of these Canon 1Ds, but damn. That’s a long way away.


Controversial opinion: It’s more important to have a good tripod than it is to have a camera. Why? Well, the shot needs to be steady. So, depending on the type of video you want to do, you have to pick the best tripod for that. For stationary shots, I recommend this full-size guy. It’s sturdy and super cheap. But if you’re looking for something a little more compact, this is a great tripod that can be set up on a table. This model is great because it converts into a selfie-stick, so it’s multifunctional. And this thing (not technically a tripod) is amazing for keeping moving shots steady.

HISY Remote

I’m a one-woman operation, so I have to automate where I can. This HISY remote bluetooths to your phone, and from there, you can use it to start and stop filming. It’s also great for taking regular old pictures too. And, if you find you’ve left your phone on the other side of the room while a podcast plays, you can actually use this remote to turn up the volume. (I do not use it for that.)

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Phone Foot Adapter

Most tripods can easily attach to a camera because most cameras are tripod ready. But if you’re going to use your phone, then you need to get a tripod foot adapter so you can set your phone up on a tripod.

External Hard Drive

It’s crazy how much storage space video takes up on your computer. And if you don’t mind deleting your video after you upload it to YouTube, then it’s not really a problem. But I like to keep all my footage so I can raid it for B-roll or just reuse little things I need. For that reason, I recommend getting an external hard drive. They aren’t terribly expensive, and I have this one and love it. And while we’re on the subject, YouTubers probably need more memory on their computers to edit the video, and who doesn’t want a new solid state drive? I’m about to do some legit computer surgery to fix some memory issues, and I’ll be purchasing all fo these things.


The hardest part about making YouTube videos is being at the mercy of the sun. Sunlight is the best for filming, but if your schedule or the layout of your home doesn’t allow you to access it, then you’re kind of screwed. I’ve been using these soft box lights, and they do wonders for my dark cave of an apartment. I also have a small ring light for my iPhone, and I know a lot of people who swear by this ring light for all their filming needs. And if you want a ring light and tripod for your iPhone in one device, then this thing is pretty amazing.

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Back Drop

Let’s be real. Very few of us live in the sort of place that’s show home-worthy. In fact, it can be hard to find a place in your home that is clean enough to serve as a nice backdrop from your shots. (That is, if you live in a place, it’s probably a place for living and not filming.) But getting photo backdrops ensures that you always have something to throw in the background of your shot. If the backdrops aren’t your style, then you can’t go wrong with a hippy-style tapestry.

Vlog Like a Boss

This book is not only a quick read, but it gives you a formula for formatting your videos to gain subscribers. Amy Landino, the writer, has a YouTube channel as well as a career as a video marketing guru. Her advice is legit, and her channel is awesome. If you want a good primer on how to grow your channel and get views, her book is a game changer.

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What Gifts Should YouTubers Ask For?

What did I miss? Is there something that you think all YouTubers should ask for? What sort of gear has changed the way you film videos?

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