Today I’m heading to Fayetteville, Arkansas, with Allison to attend Megaphone Summit. I’m looking forward to meeting bloggers that I’ve been reading for a while, hanging out with some kick ass women who are getting shit done, and of course, that sweet, sweet swag bag.

What's in my bag for the Megaphone Summit bloggers conference!

And while I stressed for like 3 months straight about what clothes I would bring and wear during this conference, I pretty much knew exactly what I would throw in my Chic Sparrow brown Rustic Tote. So in this post, I’ll tell you what’s in my bag for Megaphone Summit!

Okay. So, I don’t plan to take notes with my laptop, but I really can’t leave home without it. Ask Chris. When we went to Universal Studios, I totally brought it with me. (Not into the actual park, but I did bring it so I could use it in the hotel.) And sure, I only opened it once and for like 4 minutes, but I had to have it. Plus, if my students email me about their impending due dates, it’s so much easier to email back on my laptop than it is on my phone, especially if I have to send an email to a whole class.

(This probably won’t be necessary. But I’m prepared for any and all events! Also, I just feel the need to justify this to you because all other blog conference what’s in my bag posts are quite emphatic about not needing the laptop.)

I’ll do the majority of my note taking in notebooks. I’m old school like that. Also, I retain information a lot better when I hand write it. This comes in really handy for when you meet a bunch of new people because you can write down their names and something they told you about themselves. This is how I’ll make friends…or seem like a serial killer to people who are super worried about the weird woman with frizzy hair who happens to be taking notes on them.

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Blog Planner
I have a post all about this planner coming up soon. I’m using a Chic Sparrow standard-size notebook for planning out all my content. I’ve set it up so I can plan out a month’s worth of posts all out once. This is also where I keep blogger business cards and such.

Business Cards
I ordered these just late enough to have to pay $36 in shipping fees to get them here in time for the conference, so I’m hoping that I give them all out. That would almost justify my procrastination and the cost thereof. Almost.

Water Bottle and Snacks
Because I’m always hungry and thirsty. And the dark chocolate sea salt almonds I purchased at Sprouts are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for when you need sugar and protein. Here’s to hoping that there’s a hot pot of coffee within arm’s reach throughout the whole conference.

I’m carrying all my stuff in a brown leather tote, and stuffing a small clutch into it. The clutch will hold my wallet, lipstick, and sunglasses. Then, I can shove the clutch into my big tote for during the day, but carry the little tote in the event we go out in the evening or find time to go shopping or whatever.

Portable Phone Charger and Power Strip
I plan to tweet and snap up a storm, so I’m sure my phone will die at least once during the conference. I’ve got a great solar-powered charger that I purchased from a company created by some of my former students. (I teach them one semester and then they magically turn into successful adults — coincidence?!) And I’ll bring a power strip in case Allison and I need it in the hotel room, or if a group of my new best friends need to plug in mid-conference.

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(I assume they’ll want to be my best friend because I was smart enough to bring a power strip. Admittedly, I don’t think many friendships are based on power strips, but at Megaphone Summit, anything can happen! Or something.)

DSLR Camera
I’m not sure how many pictures I’ll take, but I’m bringing my camera anyway. I need to get back in the habit of taking pictures, and the best way to do that is to actually have my camera on hand. If nothing else, I plan to take a few Instagram flat lays of bloggery stuff on tables during the conference, and of cool stuff in Fayetteville.

I eat a lot of onions and garlic, so I’m doing everyone at Megaphone Summit a favor here.

Typically, I’m a swarthy mess of a sweat beast. But on the off chance that I actually get cold inside the conference, I’m going to bring a cardigan.

Emergency Kit
One of my greatest fears is breaking my hair tie on my unruly ponytail when I don’t have a spare hair tie. Rest assured I will have hair ties, bobby pins, Bandaids, ibuprofen, Tums, and a gazillion other lifesavers with me.


What about you? What are your go-to items for your conference bag? Will I be seeing you at Megaphone Summit?

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