In the interest of keeping it real, I wanted to share a Passion Planner flip through. It’s important that you see how messy and not perfect my planner is. This is real life.

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Passion Planner Flip Through and a Planner Goodies Wish List

One of the coolest things that has happened since I started sharing about my Passion Planner is how many people have reached out to tell me that they got one too! I’m super stoked for anyone who joins the #PashFam. I’ve even had planner playdates with some friends where we shared stickers and washi tape to decorate our planners.

But one thing that makes me sad is how many people don’t want to carry a planner because they don’t think it will be pretty. And while Instagram is full of pretty planners with perfect calligraphy, your planner doesn’t have to be that way. And honestly, this Passion Planner flip through will prove that mine definitely isn’t.

(Side note: This is the year that we let go of perfectionism. It’s crippling and holding you back from doing stuff you want to do. Nothing is perfect. Perfectionism is a breeding ground for depression, eating disorders, and anxiety. So, this year, I’m telling you that you don’t have to be perfect. Let yourself do what you want, and enjoy the process. And if you need some imperfect inspiration, I’M RIGHT HERE YOU GUYS.)

If you’re interested in buying a Passion Planner, go for it. And if you’re like me and want some accessories to up your planning game, I’ve got your back. Here’s a list of items (featured either directly or indirectly in that Passion Planner flip through)I absolutely love, and recommend for your planning needs.

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I love this little guy. He fits perfectly in my Midori #8 Clear Pouch insert. While this isn’t necessary, it’s perfect for making straight lines in the space of infinite possibility at the bottom of your weekly spread. I’m also going to start using it to segment the days when I have two things going on at once.

I’m not much for color coding, but I do like to be able to see the difference between two things. So, I’ve been using these Sharpie highlighters to color in my teaching and office hours schedule, and I’ve also used them in my blog planning to color code the different post categories. (See the video for more information.)

Full disclosure: I don’t own any planner stencils. BUT I WANT THEM REAL BAD. This one would be great to decorate different days with fun headers or bullet points.

Like I stated above, I use mainly Dollar Tree stickers. I’m cheap. But Etsy is a treasure trove of lovely sticker options. I want these typewriters, and I think this Empress vinyl sticker would look awesome on the cover of my planner.

The on thing I hate about stamps is that they don’t travel well. I don’t want to have a huge pouch of stamps and ink pads weighing down my already-full bag. But I might be able to make an exception for a good bulleted list stamp or this roller stamp with all the potential events you need to mark in your planner. Also, mama wants a chronodex stamp real, real bad.

Paint Pens
Since I have the Eco Passion Planner, I have been slowly covering the card stock cover with stickers and decorations. But I think I need some pretty gold paint pens, or maybe metallic Sharpies to make my planner really shine.

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Washi Tape
I love washi tape. I use it a lot. I keep it on used gift cards so that I can easily haul around different tapes without them taking up too much room. And while I have an unholy amount of washi tape already, I swoon over a good multipack. Also, I’ve been coveting a book-print washi tape for EONS. (Or maybe a year.)

Photo Printer
I’m in love with my Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. I love how easy it is to use, and that you can print from your photos or from your Instagram. I’m trying to get into the habit of using my planner to not only plan my day, but also track what happened. And I can’t wait to see how many little photo memories I have pasted throughout my planner this year.


Fun Paper Clips
Kathryn gave me some black square paper clips, and I love them. I like how much area of the paper they grab onto, because it holds all the extra bits and pieces in better than a regular paper clip. I always eye these cute paper clips with little ribbons or tabs, but haven’t pulled the trigger on any of those yet.

Post-Its and Tabs
I love Post-Its for when you need to write something tentative down. Maybe you don’t have a time for an event yet, but you want to paste it onto the day so you see it every time you look in your planner. And it’s even better if the Post-Its happen to be fun. Also, all page flags henceforth should be silly. BY ORDER OF MARISA MOHI.

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What Does Your Passion Planner Look Like?

I love seeing how others use their planners. (I will not state how many planner videos I watch on YouTube a week, BUT IT IS A LOT.) Send me a pic of your planner so I can see how you’re using it. Bonus points if you give me a Passion Planner flip through! What are your favorite planner supplies? Are you a planning perfectionist?

4 Responses

  1. I love your planner game and I’m totally going to draw a bookshelf in my planner for the 50 books I plan to read in 2018! My planner (a customized 5×8 hot pink Leuchtturm1917 squared notebook has calendar pages, diary pages, planning lists and collages of beautiful or inspirational/aspirational things. I carry this one with me.
    I also keep a separate book for work items–that one is a gold and seafoam green lined 7.5×10 Design Works Ink book, which I usually keep on my desk at work.

    1. Ummm. Can we talk about how you clearly have great taste in notebooks? And I love that you keep your work and personal notebooks separate. I totally need to get better about that.

  2. Husband saw me watching planning videos on youtube one evening and asked why I need to watch someone else plan. I responded with, “You watch videos of dudes playing video games WHILE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. You have your thing and I have mine.”

    1. Hahaha! That’s the best analogy for it. I know so many women that love watching planner videos, and so many men that watch video games or D&D campaigns. We al have our nerd out activities.

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