Y’all. I did it. I’ve made the Passion Planner traveler’s notebook. I’m ready for my Nobel Prize.

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Passion Planner traveler's notebook set up

Basically, after living a life of PLANNER CHAOS, “Passion Planner traveler’s notebook” is my word for the year.

(Are we still doing words for the year? Are we all “focus” or “intention” these days? While I like the idea of choosing a guiding word for the year, I definitely get more out of choosing my planner for the year.)

This year, I’m going with the Passion Planner. I’ve always admired them from afar, but never pulled the trigger on them until this year. My main concern was that it wouldn’t fit in my traveler’s notebook with all my other notebook needs. But lo! I stumbled upon the eco compact version, and I was sold.

And, since I haven’t updated y’all on my planner set up in a hot minute, I thought now was time.

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Passion Planner Traveler’s Notebook Setup

So the two main components of my planning system this year are the eco compact Passion Planner, and this extra wide Chic Sparrow Outlander. This size and leather has since been discontinued, but if you look through their classic notebook designs, an A5 is basically the same thing. (I recommend the Crème Brulee notebook if you’re down with some floppy leather.)

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I chose these items for two reasons: 1. I wanted a planner that allowed me to track my daily time usage, and 2. I needed to be able to lug all my planner business around with all my other notebooks for writing and blogging and such.

Unlike the other Passion Planners, the eco compact has a card stock cover, and it comes in the A5 size. This makes it ideal for shoving in a traveler’s notebook.

Passion Planner Traveler’s Notebook Accessories

I’ve been using the original Midori #7 card holder and the Midori #8 clear zipper pocket. Even though they’re both designed for a much slimmer traveler’s notebook, they work perfectly in this notebook. And they help me lug around business cards, extra stickers and sticky notes, and all the highlighters a girl could need.

I have a folder I made out of file folders I got from the Target Dollar Spot. If you’re interested in making one too, I recommend this tutorial from John Rush. Just make sure to change the measurements based on the size of your notebook.

The two other inserts in this fine leather cover come from two incredibly disparate places. The notebook is from Barnes and Noble. It’s a Picadilly notebook that came in a pack of three. All of them have this same Great Wave off Kanagawa design. Naturally, I love them. (It seems these notebooks don’t exist many places anymore, but a Moleskine Cahier is a good substitute for the size and quality.) And the monthly calendar is from The Dollar Tree. (We all know how much I love that place, right?) And I’m using this guy to plan out my blog, YouTube, and social media content.

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Other Important Things for a Passion Planner Traveler’s Notebook

In addition to the Passion Planner, Kathryn introduced me to this TUL retractable gel pen, and it has become my everyday carry pen. Sure, I love a good vintage fountain pen, but I’ve had way too many explode in my bag to ever trust them. This pen writes smoothly, doesn’t skip, and fits nicely in the pen loop on my traveler’s notebook.

For Christmas, my parents got me this sweet Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, and I’m totally in love with it. I had been lusting over those sweet little Instax cameras that immediately print your photo, but I knew I would literally never have that camera on me. So, since I already take photos all day with my phone, I can just print my photos when I get home. The film refills are pretty cheap, and super easy to replace.

As far as other planner incidentals are concerned, I highly recommend getting multiple rolls of washi tape for sticking things into your planner, or marking specific pages. And Sticky notes are worth their weight in gold, especially when you need to tack on extra stuff to an already full day.


So that’s my Passion Planner traveler’s notebook setup. I’ll be keeping you updated on how I use it throughout the year on my YouTube channel. And in true nerd form, I’ll be doing monthly plan with me videos as well as walk throughs of the past month. So subscribe to my channel if you love planners, or if you’re a heinous YouTube troll who wants to ruin my day with nasty comments!

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What about you? How are you planning out 2018? What are the best planner supplies you’ve ever used? Let me know in the comments!

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