I never wanted a desk job, so I picked the write life. I see the error of my thinking now. That’s why I’m sharing some workouts for desk bodies.

Workouts for Desk Bodies

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Lately, my anxiety has been off the charts, and I feel like I never move or get any sort of sweating done. So, I decided to change that. I’m working on being the sort of person that fixes things in her life rather than the sort of person who just wallows around and wonders why she isn’t happier.

I can’t guarantee these workouts for desk bodies are the things you should be doing. In fact, the only person who can really speak to what you need is you. But I can say this: We all need to sweat. We all need to move our limbs. We all need to get our heart rate up. I’m at an age where I’m hyperaware of how my body is changing. (THANKS 30-SOMETHING FEMALE METABOLISM.) So I’m trying to make positive changes and build habits that I can carry with me until I turn 120 and level up.

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So, with that in mind, I thought I would share some things that have worked for me. And, as the owner of a very desky body, I can say that these workouts for desk bodies are not too bad.

Workouts for Desk Bodies

001: Walking

I have a crazy dog who likes to walk a lot and I used to walk to work every day before I moved. While you may think that walking isn’t particularly great, I can say that over the course of a year, I lost 30 pounds just by walking. Seriously. I walked Rosie a few times a day since there was no backyard, and then I walked to work. I was averaging about five miles or so a day at the time, which may seem like a lot. But it was all broken into smaller distances that I did throughout the day. Also, walking has been a great way to clear my head. Plus, it’s something you can do with someone else and just have a nice talk. And it isn’t a big financial setback to get started. Just put on some good shoes and off you go!

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002: Beach Body on Demand

I have recently jumped on this bandwagon (again) and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Don’t worry, I won’t try to sell you on it. But I will say this. If you’re looking for a higher intensity workout that will really help you shape your body in a way you didn’t think was possible, Beach Body on Demand has you covered. I’ve been doing the Core de Force workouts for almost two weeks now, and I’ve already lost a couple inches off my waste. My pants are fitting better through the thighs, and my butt is less shaped like my desk chair, and more butt-shaped. That’s a pretty big deal. But if you’re worried that there isn’t something on Beach Body on Demand for you, there totally is. From dance to yoga to mma-style to weights to bodyweight workouts, there are tons of things for everyone. After I finish this round of Core de Force, I think I’m going to start over, but also add some PiYo workouts too. I’m getting pretty pumped about it.

003: Swim

Depending upon how you feel about swimsuits, this may not be the workout for you. I have this weird disorder where I think I look great in everything, but then I stand in front of a mirror and realize that I’m not actually photoshopped. (It’s frustrating.) But I can say this. There is no arm workout like swimming. I spent one summer waking up early and showing up at the university’s pool. I swam the slowest laps ever because I suuuuuuuuuck at swimming. (I’m just not one of those people who can move in a manner more dignified than a doggy paddle.) But I did it. And while I didn’t notice a big change in my body after doing it, I did feel good for having moved, and it was nice to get in a pool. And my shoulders were looking pretty nice.

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004: Bootcamp

Back in 2012, I obsessively went to a local bootcamp. It was an amazing workout. My body was in quite a state from a combo of depression, a terrible job, and too much grad school. So, I quit that job, finished the hell out of grad school, and signed up for a local bootcamp run by a Tae Kwon Do gym. It was super cheap because I bought a Groupon, and it was such a good workout. Four mornings a week, I showed up at the gym at 5:30 AM, and for one hour, I punched things and kicked things and did pushups and sprinted and squatted. It was great. That was probably the most transformative workout I’ve ever done, next to Core de Force. Right now, there are no local bootcamps near me, but if you have one close by, I can’t recommend them enough.

005: Yoga

THERE IS NO WORKOUT BETTER THAN YOGA AND YOU SHOULD BE DOING IT RIGHT NOW. Sorry. Had to put that in caps. More for myself than anyone else, but I think we all need the reminder. The great thing about yoga is that it can be modified for anyone. And it’s a great way to build lean muscle, as well as stretch out. Plus, the benefits to your brain can’t be understated. If you’re interested in getting started with yoga without a big financial commitment, there are tons of videos on YouTube with great workouts for all fitness levels.

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What Are Your Favorite Workouts for Desk Bodies?

What workout gets you sweating and helps to quell your anxiety? How do you like to take care of your body when it comes to fitness? Are you also hyperaware of the limitations of your metabolism? What’s the best workout you’ve ever gotten?

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  1. Great tips and so inspiring. I also walk for exercise and relaxation. In fact, it’s my favorite workout, especially lately, since I’ve been spending more time sitting than moving. I’ve also started (since 6/1) using YouTube for strength and cardio workouts. I typically stick to Pop Sugar but am pretty pumped to try Beach Body on Demand. Thanks again for the advice!

    1. YouTube is such a great resource for workouts! I love all the yoga and HIIT cardio available there. And I hope you like BBOD. It’s been some of the best workouts I’ve ever done.

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