My planning system may change from month to month, but the one constant is my love my cheap planning accessories.

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Cheap planning accessories are the key to staying organized and having a cute planner. These are some of my favorite cheap planning accessories.

Admittedly, I struggled with naming this post “cheap planning accessories,” just because the word cheap has a lot of negative connotations. To me, it means something that’s not good. It’s something that won’t last.

I want you to know that this isn’t the case with the things I’ve listed here. 

I really like the word “affordable,” because it doesn’t carry the weight of breakable trash the same way that “cheap” does, but I am all about that organic Google search traffic, and I know that other people don’t care about words the same way I do.

Also, if I’m being real, some of these things are so freakin’ affordable that they’re downright…well, cheap.

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Anyway, today I’m sharing a video on YouTube that walks you through my planning process. At the beginning of the month, I draw out the calendar for the month, and transfer all the events from my future log into my calendar. And each week, I do a weekly spread to keep me on track for the tasks I need to do each day, my workouts, and my water drinking. You can check out the process here:

But one thing I get asked most is the stuff I’m using. I like to think that my process is noteworthy, but y’all keep me humble. So, it’s with that in mind that I’m sharing this list of cheap planning accessories today.

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Also, I have this whole video playlist of planning and planner set ups and how I plan

Cheap Planning Accessories

Desperately Seeking Gina Paper Clips

My girl, Gina, is an Arkansas blogger and badass crafter. I love all the stuff she creates (seriously, check out her blog and YouTube channel!) but I know that am in no position to create that stuff myself. Luckily, Gina sells some of her planner crafts on her website! She updates it often, so keep an eye out.

Brianna Nicole Designz Stickers

I love these stickers, and I’m not normally the type to use stickers in my planner, though I’m trying. I got the Instagram stickers, the YouTube stickersYouTube stickers, and the payday stickers. But she didn’t have a blog sticker. So, I sent her a message and asked if she could rework the work sticker to say blog, and she totally made it happen. I don’t know how often she does customs, but you may send her a message if you like one of her designs and really want to modify it.

Mini Rulers

I’m not a really neat person, but if you’re going to be drawing lines, it’s nice to make them generally line-shaped. This is probably the most boring thing you can buy for your planner, but it fits in the little plastic pouch I have in my traveler’s notebook, and it saves my sanity often. I seem to never have a straightedge within reach, but this ruler makes it so that I can create a new tracker or a box at any time.

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iBayam Fineliners

I mentioned these before, but they’re worth mentioning again. My good friend, Liz, got these for me for Christmas, and they are some of the best fineliners I’ve ever used. Bonus: You got tons of really good colors.

Sharpie Brush Pen

So. It’s pretty obvious that I’m not super good at hand lettering. I mean, I get a lot of thumbs down on my YouTube videos where I do some planning, so, I guess people aren’t into what I have to show. BUT I DON’T CARE. So, in the interest of eventually getting good at hand lettering, I bought this Sharpie brush pen. It seemed to be the most accessible brush pen at Michael’s when I went, and I really like that it’s the size of a normal pen. So far, though. I’ll be real. I suck at using it.

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Homecube Pencil Case

I’m in love with this pencil case. Seriously. it’s so cute and functional. I want to be the sort of person who doesn’t have a bunch of pens rolling around in the bottom of my work bag, and I’m thinking this is going to be the pencil case that gets me there. Though, for all my art supplies, I’m using this super cute pouch because it speaks the truth about dangerous women and our book habit. (Thanks to Kelli and Jessi for getting it for me!)

Planner Charms for Every Occasion

I have never been the type to use planner charms, but I can see how they would increase my quality of life. Or, at least, how they would make me happy. And the cool thing is you can get a pack of charms to use for every occasion, or for adding to your bracelet or keychain.

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What are Your Fav Cheap Planning Accessories?

Okay, friends. I’m going to need you to leave links to your favorite things in the comments. I love cheap planning accessories and I want to know what keeps your planner game on point!

4 Responses

  1. Probably my most important cheap planning accessories are postits – the small squares that are about 1 1/4″, because they fit inside the single date space of my lay-flat desk calendar. So for things that happen every month, I can just unstick them from one month and move them to the next. But even with this re-use, somehow I still manage to use bagfuls of postits every quarter, because I use them for lists and reminders to myself more than anything (and then throw them away.) I also love blank 3×5″ index cards, and use them for taking discreet notes, making a little how-to chart for a certain workflow action, and I write all my passwords down on an index card and store them in a cheap photo album (4×6″ size) where I can quickly flip through to find passwords, security questions, etc., for a particular site. I always find it fascinating to hear about the tools bloggers use – we are certainly a resourceful crowd!

    1. I’m addicted to Post-Its too! And I have a pocket of notecards inside my planner to use for list making and everything else. I love the idea of using a photo album of notecards for passwords. Gonna steak that!

  2. You had me at cheap! Love these ideas, and thanks for collecting those links for related reading, too. I have been meaning to indulge in such eye candy, having so far only used a graph paper notebook and some very VERY basic charts, hand drawn. I don’t think I will ever go back to purchased planners!

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