Shopping for office supplies is the most fun a girl can have on this earthly plane. So today we’re talking about gifts for planner lovers because these are the most fun gifts to buy.

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Gifts for Planner Lovers

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It’s no secret that I’m a planner. I’ve written about them more than a few times, and I’ve made a few videos too. There’s just something about getting  your life squared away by creating to do lists and blocking your time. And there’s definitely something about doing it with cute supplies.

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These gifts for planner lovers are the perfect things to get that Type A person in your life, or maybe you want to use your Christmas gift to encourage someone to get their shit together. Either way, every item here is either something I own or plan to purchase. And best believe I recommend each and every item on this list.

Gifts for Planner Lovers

Traveler’s Notebook

I’m in love with traveler’s notebooks. (I’ve written about my first Chic Sparrow here, and my second one here. And my third Chic Sparrow here.) I love how they allow you to put a bunch of notebooks all together, and I like how the accessories you can get make it a much more functional thing. You can always go with Traveler’s Company, but I’m a fan of this super cheap traveler’s notebook setup kit. I definitely recommend getting some sort of plastic pouch and a folder. Also, know that I got this Galen wallet for my birthday, and I can’t wait to show it off with my new notebook setup for 2019.

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Sometimes you just need some felt tip pens, but it’s best to go for the thinnest ones possible since a lot of planner layouts don’t give you room to write big. I love these Staedtler Fineliners, and have had a set for like two years. I use them a lot for planning, but also just for general writing or editing tasks. And they come in a bunch of different sizes so you can get as many or as few as you need.


Stickers are great for planners because they’re both functional and cute. So you can add them to your planner, and they actually serve a purpose. For my birthday, I splurged and bought a ton of planner stickers off of Etsy. I shopped mostly from BriannaNicoleDesignz, and got some YouTube and Instagram stickers, as well as a traveler’s notebook, a payday sticker set, and this one that Brianna customized for me to say “blog” instead of “work.” I’m really excited to use them in my new system next year, so stay tuned to see how they work out.


If you’re not a sticker person, then I say go with stencils. They won’t add any bulk to your planner the way that stickers can, and you can use different colored markers and pens with them to get a perfect design. I’m a fan of this multi-stencil pack you can find on Amazon, and this one is great because it also has a ruler for all you bullet journalers.

Washi Tape

Can you go wrong with washi tape? The answer is no. I love washi tape packs and definitely bought a bunch at Michael’s not too long ago when they were on super sale. But this pack on Amazon is a great deal with a ton of cool designs, and I’ve been coveting a book washi tape roll from Etsy for as long as I can remember.

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Photo Printer

I have this Polaroid Zip Printer, and I love it. I think it’s a really good way to get small pictures, and I love how it just prints via Bluetooth from my phone. If you’re looking to use your planner as a memory keeper in addition to a planner, this is a great way to add memories to your pages.

Page Flags

I love page flags for a number of reasons. They’re great for marking a place you need to reference often, or marking a month or a day. These Post-It brand page flags are great, but don’t sleep on these super cute puppy page flags.

Fun Clips

I got some rad paper clips from my girl Gina at Megaphone Summit. I’m waiting to show them off next year with my new set up because they’re so cute and fun. And while Gina doesn’t have her planner supplies posted in her store right now, keep an eye on her space. You’ll definitely be glad you did. But until then, can you go wrong with a nice Oli Clip, or these old-fashioned brass clips.

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I’ve had a corkboard for years, and I used to use it for novel plotting. Well, my writing process has gotten a lot more compact and portable, so I had a corkboard just sitting around. That’s why it’s now a Kanban board. That’s where I’ll plan out quarterly goals and determine what I’ll tackle and when I’ll tackle it. I plan to show off this method next year a lot on YouTube and how it coincides with my planner, but for now, know that a planner is great for daily stuff. But for big picture plans, a corkboard does a lot more.

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Starbucks Gift Card

This may seem really out of place here, but hear me out. I love used Starbucks gift cards for storing washi tape on the go. So, as soon as I have an empty gift card, I wrap it in some different washi tapes so I can take them with me in my planner. It’s much more compact than trying to lug around rolls of it, and you can carry a bunch of different kinds on one card.

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What’s Your Favorite Planner Gift?

What’s the best planning-related gift you’ve ever received? Are you a washi tape sort of person? Do you put photos in your planner?

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  1. Just hand over the washi, stickers and, to add to this, my sparkly pens and I’m a happy girl.

    Speaking of stickers, at a recent planner meetup I scored some farting unicorn stickers. It’s the little things I tell you. I’m totally not all that mature, but I’m fun, damn it!

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