It’s no secret that I’m a planner and like to keep track of everything  going on. That’s why I created the Write Words Get Paid Planner, to keep me on track with my freelance life.

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cover of the Write Words Get Paid Planner by Marisa Mohi

The Write Words Get Paid Planner is a culmination of a lot of things.

It’s one part goal tracker, one part financial planner, and one part to do list. Basically, it’s everything I need as a freelancer to stay on track.

For some context, here’s why I care so much about planners, and why I created a planner that would enable me to live my best life:

In the sixth grade, we had to carry an agenda. It was something the school provided us, and all through middle school, we were given one on schedule pick up day. But in the sixth grade, you had to fill out something for every single class you were in, and occasionally had to have your parents sign it.

This is a bit much, and I think it’s important to acknowledge that paper planners don’t work for everyone. But this was like 1997, so no one had a digital option, really.

So, I carried the school-provided agenda all through middle school. Then, in high school, I believe I started buying my own planners.

(If we got one from the school then too, let me know. I can’t remember at all because I have chosen not to.)

In college, I purchased cheap academic planners every year when I’d go buy a pile of notebooks for my classes. I would put due dates and the times of events in them or when I was scheduled to work at whatever job I happened to have.

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It wasn’t until I was in the professional world that I started really giving a shit about planners. I started with Erin Condren, then moved to a traveler’s notebook, and then made my way to the Passion Planner and the bullet journal.

All of those systems were great. But they weren’t perfect.

The Write Word Get Paid Planner

I knew I needed a planner that was tailored to my lifestyle. I knew I needed space for a to do list, and time slots for time blocking. I also wanted some open space to take notes.

And at the end of the day, the to do list and the time blocks were useless unless I had a space to do some goal setting and track projects.

I also knew I needed to keep money in mind. Because as a freelance writer, it’s hard see the forest for the trees sometime.

And that’s why I created the Write Words Get Paid Planner.

What This Planner Tracks

The WWGP Planner tracks a lot of different things.

There is a space for you to figure out your financial situation in the front. That is where you determine your monthly expenses as well as how much you need to earn every week in order to stay on track in your writing business.

There’s even a space where you can list your products and services and see how many of them you’d have to sell to meet your goal.

Then, there’s a section for goal setting. Here you can list your goals, then create projects and tasks that will help you achieve your goals. There’s also space to track how far along you are on each of your projects.

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The WWGP Planner covers three months, and each month has a blank monthly spread so you can start the planner whenever you need to.

Each month also has a habit tracker, a writing deadline tracker, and blank pages for brain dumps.

And the end of each month gives you some space to write down your wins and losses, and the changes you’ll make going forward.

Banner image that says "Get a FREE daily planning page from my Write Words Get Paid Planner!"

Daily Layouts

The daily pages are very similar to my old bullet journal pages. There is space to write in the date, as well as a to do list.

Then, there are half-hour time blocks so you can block out how you will use your day.

At the bottom, there’s a space to write how you’re re-filling the well. That’s important to track as a creative, because too many of us just go for the sake of going without thinking about how we can nourish ourselves.

Each daily page is accompanied by a dot grid page, so you have space to write down notes or grocery lists or details from a phone call. Basically, there’s enough space in this spread so you can write down everything you need to. You could even use this space for journaling.

If you’d like to try out the daily page, you can get a free download of it right here.

Who is The Write Words Get Paid Planner for?

This planner was created by me, so I know that the pages in this planner won’t appeal to everyone.

And that’s good.

See, the thing is, there’s already a ton of really generic planners on the market. So, if you want a planner that just gives you space to write a few things per day, this isn’t for you.

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This planner is for writers who are running a business. So, if you’re the type who likes to write words and then get paid for those words, this is for you.

You can track deadlines for your freelance clients as well as the deadlines you set for yourself.

You can set goals and determine which projects will help you achieve those goals. Then, you can track your progress on each of those projects.

You can plan out every day by time blocking and tracking your to do list.

Basically, the Write Words Get Paid Planner is for the people who like to write words and get paid.

And the good news is that it’s available for sale right now.

Click here to order a copy of the Write Words Get Paid Planner.

I wish I could share a video of how I’m using it, but I’m still waiting on my copy too. I should have it by the first week in April, so I’ll be sharing more of it for sure.

I also explain more about the whole situation in today’s YouTube video:

What Questions Do You Have?

Do you have questions about the WWFP Planner? Ask them in the comments! Also, don’t forget to check out the YouTube video linked above. I’m sharing what this planner looks like, and how I’ve been using it to keep my work on track.

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